Find out more about the Natural Wanders Challenge, including what it is, how it works, pricing and your attempt to join the Hall of Fame.

What is the Natural Wanders Challenge?
They are challenges set in nature. You will use the map and clues to discover interesting things while walking around the area.

How do we access the pack?
When you order your pack on this website you will be emailed a PDF instantly. You will be able to download it from your email to print as many copies as you need for your team or use it digitally on a phone or tablet.

How much does the challenge cost?
The challenge costs £24.99 for the pack, which can be used by your whole team. You will get one Hall of Fame attempt.

What’s included in the pack?
Instructions on how to complete the challenge, including the address and parking information. A map with the approximate location of the answers and a list of clues to describe what you need to find. The completion form explains which details you need to email to us to claim your place on the Hall of Fame. Plus a social media template to share your success completing the challenge.

When do we have to complete the challenge?
There is no deadline to complete the challenge, you can complete it in your own time and send us the completion form once you have finished it. You do not have to complete the challenge the same day you order the pack.

How many people can we have in the team?
There is no limit on how many people you can have in a team. The recommended team size is 2-6 people.

Are the challenges suitable for children?
Yes, all our challenges are designed with children in mind and are suitable for both adult only groups or families.

Is the challenge timed?
No, it is not a timed challenge. If you get all answers correct you will be added to the Hall of Fame no matter how long it takes. If you need to stop the challenge part way through you can go back another day to continue. The challenge is not timed so you can take your time and enjoy the nature while completing the Natural Wanders Challenge.

How do we get on the Hall of Fame?
Once you have completed your Natural Wanders Challenge you will email us your order number, team photo, team name, location and date along with the images and answers you have found.
If all answers are correct, you will be added to the hall of fame. The team photo will be added to the gallery on our website and social media. The team name will show in our Hall of Fame shared on our website and social media.
If your answers are incorrect, you will not be added to the Hall of Fame. Only one Hall of Fame attempt per purchase, if you would like another attempt to be added to the Hall of Fame you will have to purchase the challenge again.

What is the partnership with One Tree Planted?
We have decided to partner with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to sustainability. We promise to plant one tree in the United Kingdom for every challenge ordered on our website. You can find out more about our partnership and the impact we are making by clicking here.

Do you have gift cards?
Yes, we have e-gift cards available for a variety of occasions like Christmas and birthdays. They are available to purchase here. You can select from a range of designs and amounts and send them directly to the recipients email address or to yourself if you wish to delay the gift card or print it out to put in a card.

Do you offer any discounts for groups?
Yes, we do! Please email us at hello@naturalwanders.uk to enquire about discounts for larger groups that require multiple teams.
We also offer discounts for schools and group events.

If you have any other questions please email us at hello@naturalwanders.uk